train outta town

Camping's definitely not my thing, but I do have to say that corn on the cob cooked over a campfire almost makes it worth it. Anyway, this is my last vacation post. We've toughed it out together, I know... From caves to mountaintops to bridges and waters.

And now trains! The last thing we did before we headed home was take this scenic train ride through the mountains, rivers, and forests. Also apparently mostly elderly people like to do this, as evidenced by the train passenger demographic.

So we felt extra young and cool.

The train stopped at a lookout with a view of a lovely waterfall. It was a nice stretching legs point too, since the entire trip was like 3 hours.

Soon it was time to reboard the train and head back the way we came.

I figured I had seen it already, so why not catch up on some zzz's. Teepee sleeping isn't the most... comfortable, I'll say.

We bid Seneca Rocks adieu and made like a person in a left hand turn lane and left.

Bye bye vacation! See you again in another place in 2013!


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