take it from the top

It was time to actually climb the Seneca Rocks! The arrow points to where we were heading. I know you probably look at Mike and me and think "Those two must really be into hiking", but we are definitely novices. And maybe just a wee bit out of shape for that type of activity.

I know it doesn't look like it from here, but the trail ended up getting verrrry steep. And it was something like 2 miles to the top. All uphill. Very uphill.

So it felt great when after quite awhile (with quite a few pauses to rest, mind you) we finally reached the overlook.

Pictured: Pretty nature.

Committing a felony. Along with about a hundred other people.

Panoramic image that has to be very small due to my blog layout.

So on the way down it was so steep that I had to run or jog most of the way because of the momentum of going steeply downhill. Let's just say that it feels GREAT for a non-runner to go for a run after you've hiked up a (mini) mountain.

After we came back down we looked through one of those swivel around binocular thingies and saw this person at the very tippy top! Now that takes major skill.

See you soon for the next adventure!


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