More hot weather means more fun times at the pool with my cuties!

We went on a day that had reached 100 degrees- yikes. We were there in the evening, when the sun was finally behind clouds, but the water had warmed up from the day's heat.

As usual, Violet liked to pick up and carry her favorite chair around.

There I am in the background... Let's just say that being lifeguarded when you're the only person in the pool is kinda weird. He was watching out for Violet too of course.

*tweeeeee* NO RUNNING in the pool area!

There were some moments when other people were there. Violet spent some time in the water too, splashing and playing and giggling.

But what she loved best was being thrown in the air and dipped in the pool by Daddy.

Terrycloth cover up + V sitting sweetly on the porch step = ADORBZ


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