dino day

Along with bringing a bunch of awesome bands to the city, the Ann Arbor Summer Festival has a bunch of different events going on downtown. We absolutely HAD to check out the "Dinosaur Petting Zoo". Sure, it was part puppet part robot, but even that sounds amazing, right? Even Violet was intrigued.

'Cause let's face it, these were pretty amazing "puppets". Everything looked so realistic- eyes blinking, mouth opening and closing, tongue moving around, neck twisting to look every which way, tail sweeping back and forth, and different roars to fit whatever he was doing.

Violet heard people clapping for the junior T-rex and joined in.

...In between bites of delicious pizza, that is.

Okay, this was kind of funny: At the end of the show, the T-rex ran through the crowd out into the open area. Hilariously, he made his way right toward all the kids who were in the back because they were terrified.

Sobbing ensued.

Um, then he went into the parking structure...? No really, he did.

Then the kiddos could come up to pet the baby dino.

Afterward, we hung out by the bell tower and listened to a swing band.

And watched a dude doing chalk art.

Most of all, we enjoyed a fun Saturday evening as a happy little family.


c August 22, 2012 at 5:06 PM  

That dude is my old co-worker David!

You may remember him from such feats as "The Lair" from Phantom, "Whoville" from Suessical, and anything else dimensional and amazing over the last 6 or so years. :)

He's into 3-d sidewalk chalking these days, but he's usually super stealth about it. Way to catch him in the act!

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