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So if you know me at all, you know that The Royal Tenenbaums is my favorite movie. AHHH it's so great. I adore those Wes Anderson movies.* Each character's story is just so good. And there's so much that's conveyed in this image.

*Except Moonrise Kingdom. Perhaps I will someday blog about this.

Stay with me now as I change topics: So Mike discovered online that one can make awesome tshirts by way of a stencil and bleach. Despite the fact that people often make simple solid large shapes, I decided to use the above image because I'm crazy!

Here I have gathered my materials: printed out image, freezer paper taped down so it won't shift (see through & adheres to fabric with heat), X-acto knife (it's dangerous, kids), McDonalds chocolate shake (not pictured. Plz ignore the McD's coffee). I also had another version of the stencil printed out for reference since some small parts were difficult to see. Bleach not pictured because why would I keep bleach in my living room.

Please note the Hello Kitty band-aid on my finger. Of course I slashed myself. Of course. Anyway, here I am working on the hair. I had to get creative here since I wanted to make it more detailed than the image. Remember it has to be a stencil, so I had to make some changes so it would all connect and still look good.

The finished cut out! Note how it's all curled up at the edges. That was definitely difficult to work with.

Next step is ironing it onto the fabric. Once again, the curled edges made this a challenge. I didn't want it to adhere incorrectly or else it would be DISASTROUS.

Not pictured is the bleaching process, since it was actually very stressful and needs to be timed perfectly. You put a mix of bleach and water into a spray bottle and then mist it over the stencil- I didn't spray directly, but rather horizontally so the mist would fall down. Then you sit and watch the color change until it is the shade you'd like. And then it GETS INTENSE. You have to quick peel off the stencil (very challenging in this case because there were tiny pieces stuck down) and then quick rinse off the excess bleach and then quick run it through the rinse cycle in the washing machine and then through the dryer... all without ruining the image.

Well, I was certain it had gotten messed up.

So imagine my surprise when I saw it looked AWESOME.

Yeah sure, I could have done a better job protecting the rest of the t-shirt from bleach, but I think it just adds character.


one of my fav moments in my fav movie


McLaine&Andrew July 3, 2012 at 9:48 AM  

i just imagined you mistakenly squirting Zooey with the bottle of bleach thinking it was her disciplinary water bottle (:. Also, this is AWESOME.

Rachel Dull July 3, 2012 at 5:29 PM  

omg! I saw you wearing this and thought "did she make that with the bleach method mike's been using?" but convinced myself no since it's so detailed! ahh! it looks awesome!

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