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I forgot how happy this video makes me. When it first came out I was like AHHH this song and AHHH this video both fill me with happiness. Well, I got the chance to see Feist again after SEVEN years (time flies, dudes). I became a fast fan when I discovered them when they opened for Broken Social Scene in 2005. Back then it was just Miss Leslie Feist and two other musicians performing. She used tons of vocal loops and effects to fill out the sound, and her guitar chops were rad. Well, this time she was all decked out in full band-ness, complete with hipster trio. They did different arrangements of pretty much all the old favs. She closed the show with "Let It Die" and asked people to come onstage and slow dance. Which is ironic because this song was playing in the background when Seth & Summer were slow dancing at the SnO.C. Seriously though I love the way she plays her guitar live. AKA GREAT SHOW. And I guess I'm due to see them play in 2019.

I haven't mentioned the new Wes Andreson movie Moonrise Kingdom yet because it seemed kind of unnecessary. If you know me at all you should be like duh Karen is so into it because it is Wes and his symmetrical shots and futura fonts and line drawings and humorously melancholy characters are kind of totally Karen's thing.

Um, still dying to hear the new Metric album Synthetica. This Tuesday, friends! Until then, I'm gonna rock the old jams.

And the buzz about the new Spiderman movie reminded me of this. Lolz x 5
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