We stayed overnight in Pittsburgh, and before we left for West Virginia, we stopped at Phipp's Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. Oh my was it beautiful. And it was soooo huge. It was like walking through 10 conservatories, seriously.

There were narrow winding paths and pools of water with fountains and large high glass ceiling rooms and small rooms and medium rooms. It just went on and on.

I loved it here.

I don't understand how people can think nature has just randomly evolved from molecules. Everything is so beautifully and uniquely created.

I basically wanted to move in. So I did. Into this tiny house. Which is actually rather impractical.

Like I said, this place was absolutely huge. We took hundreds of photos here, so I could go on and on with blog posts. But I have narrowed it down as best as I can, so expect a couple more- but it's worth it! Or maybe I just have a soft spot for conservatories...after all, I kinda had my wedding in one.


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