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Why, yes! It is yet another garden post! There are many changes since I last featured it. Everyone's been hard at work. Violet has been making sure the dirt and her feet have been properly watered...

Mike made some stakes for the sugar snap peas to cling to...

and I've been putting my crafty touches here and there. I got some plain wood pieces from Michael's for like a dollar each and then painted them and wrote on them and then coated them with glitter spray paint of course.

The birdhouse and flower cut out are also from Michael's. Once again a few dollars gets you a plain wood item that you can customize yourself! Both finished off with more glitter, duh.

And my fam isn't the only thing adding to the garden... the sunshine has been doing a lovely job making the plants plentiful and pretty. Every year the clematis gets more flowery.

And this is a brand new pink diamond hydrangea tree. The picture on the right is what we have to look forward to! The condo landscaping team approved a new tree for us- I just had to ask. I'm telling you, condo living is working out well for us... No lawn mowing, neighborhood pool, house painting, free flats of flowers... it's a great fit for us.

Here is the latest addition- garden rocks! I ever got these for free. Howeverrr, I did pay the price of carrying them from a pile to my car trunk, carrying them from my trunk to the backyard, hosing all the hardened dirt off, and then placing them all! And I am still hoping to get a bunch more for the front yard. Silly me.

Happy June! I hope you are doing fun summery things outdoors too!


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