conservatory trois

Final set of photos from nature wonderland!

*sigh* so pretty.

In the gift shop I finally found that huge mug that I've been on the lookout for. Or maybe it's meant to put plants in? Hmmm.

sweeter than sweet

She's a sweet cutie. Or is it cute sweetie? Either works for me.

cuter than cute

I have the pleasure of this sweet face looking at me every day.

And I am in love with how Violet looks in this adorable outfit. I am always on the lookout at thrift stores and the like for vintage baby clothes. I also scoured Etsy awhile ago and scored a few amazing inexpensive things. Yay.

*heart melting*

love love love

butterfly honeybunch

Here is the second wave of photos from Phipp's Conservatory. There was a butterfly room which was so pretty and absolutely full of butterflies everywhere. I would have loved to spend more time in that room, except apparently they like to be in 90 degree environments. Anyway, the prettiness continues!

One last set of conservatory photos to come!

pretty peonies

The arb (aka Nichol's Arboretum) has a famous & very lovely peony garden. You have to visit at just the right time because the blooms are fleeting. We took our little flower bud there for some pretty pictures.

I love springs and summers with my family.

lil swimmer

Come on... There can't be enough pictures of Violet in her little swimsuit. This was from our first couple trips to the neighborhood pool over Memorial Day weekend. There are some kiddie pools there for the little ones, and Violet couldn't get enough.

I eventually coaxed her into the pool though. She can't even turn away from the exciting water to look up for a photo!

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