I give you the older person version (I would say "adult version", but... you know) of cutting out your favorite pics & stuff in magazines and posting them on your walls: The UBER-MAG. See, I have all these things I wanna keep- crafty projects from Martha Stewart Living, recipes from Real Simple, books & movies I wanna check out from Entertainment Weekly, awesome fashiony pics from Elle, music recommendations from Nylon, pretty things I just like to look at... oh and let's face it, pics of a few awesome celebs I like (Jenny Lewis! Zooey D! JGL!) Anywho, I've got one of those 11x14 sketch pads and I just tape 'em all in sorta collage-y like. It's a bonus art project. And I'm left with the perfect magazine full of everything that I love! And won't it be kinda awesome for Violet to look at when she's older and be like "Oh Mom look at all the dumb outfits"?

Also: SMORES! (unrelated)

Also: Violet is cute! (unrelated, but always welcome)


c May 11, 2012 at 12:21 AM  

Good idea! Cute way to consolidate!

demoreeann May 11, 2012 at 11:51 AM  

have you ever thought about posting some of your favorite spreads from the UBER mag on here? i'd love to see them!

also, i need a s'more.

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