This will all make sense in about 30 seconds.

I recently mentioned that a lot people find this blog by searching for "pretty tattoo", which reminded me that it's time for another "look at funny things people Google searched for and found my blog" post. (See previous post here) Thank you, Google, for continually providing me with these entertaining statistics.

Of course there's the stuff that actually sounds like me:

things to make with felt
pretty tattoo
felt hearts
indie girl look
teenagers 1990
football bores me
snuggle sessions

And then the stuff that makes me look like a 16 year old girl:

chuck and blair
rory and logan
twilight kiss
zac efron hair
makeout soundtrack
are colored leggings ok

And THEN there's the awesome stuff:

saxophone tattoo
monkey with a chainsaw tattoos
(I like the plural here, as if there are many people walking around with this type of tattoo)
snoopy lurking
hot chubby girls
doctor house leg muscle
cult robes
baby's first gun
a bunch of taxidermied animals
pig eating itself
they got a snuggie for my birthday i hate them
what does the phrase "monopoly on little people" mean
sketchings of warwick davis as a leprechaun


"which french mathematician discovered that any periodic motion can be written as a superposition of sinusoidal and cosinusoidal vibrations?"

Dude. I hope that person found what he/she was looking for. I like to think that my blog provides the answers to your mathematics history questions.

ONE LAST THING. This is by far the best because it makes me feel awesomely famous:
the sonic booms michigan cover band


Meghan May 3, 2012 at 11:58 AM  

Haha, what. This is crazy!

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