saturday in valpo

Here's a wholllle lotta family. Sure, it may seem like small potatoes (maybe tiny potatoes?) to you people with your 200 person family reunions, but my fam hasn't all seen each other in quite some time. A couple weekends ago, my cousins were having a graduation party in Valparaiso, Indiana, and it became a makeshift family reunion and opportunity for everyone to meet Violet and new lil cousin Henry.

Purdue grads!

Emo Violet was having a really rough teething day. Actually, just before Mike took this photo, I asked her what time it was and she said "tooth hurty". LOLZ

Luckily Gommy and aunts and uncles and everyone was there to give snuggles.

And she actually had some smiley moments.

And of course she had to practice her ballroom dancing.

As the two newest members of the family, it was fun for Violet to meet Henry.

The next gen of the family begins!


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