operation garden, phase 1

Last year I had my hands full with a little infant and was struggling to figure out motherhood. Turns out a garden doesn't do so well if you rarely water it and basically leave it alone to deteriorate. Well, this year I was ready to go, and I had a new plan. We have this whole amazing sunny section of yard that's perfect for growing stuff... Except it was completely covered in pesky day lilies. They are a doozy to remove, but I cut down the two foot leaves and stems, and Mike did the much more difficult job of digging up the deep, plentiful bulbs. Here you see he already has a huge patch of it done.

Meanwhile, Violet enjoyed peeking through the lattice to spy on Daddy.

Violet encouraged Daddy while he worked.

And even helped make the yard look nice by working hard picking dandelions.

And then went and played in her favorite dirt patch (seriously... I can't get her out of there sometimes).

Check back soon for the next phases!


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