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June 12! New Metric album! Jumps of joy!

And of course it wouldn't be a Fiona Apple album if the title was less than 20 words long. Looking forward to checking out these new tunes too.

And will Paramore plz get in that studio? I don't wanna be hater that's like WRITE MUSIC NOWWW 'cause I know it doesn't work that way, but I am starved for new material, hence this Gotye cover by fun. & Hayley.

In other "disappointing music news", Tegan & Sara will be opening for The Black Keys in October. That's the good part. The bad news is that they are only doing west coast shows. WHYYYYYYYYY. Well guess I'll have to spin my T&S record and spin those Black Keys, um, mp3's and try to recreate the experience at home with Violet shaking her hips back and forth. Which is actually very cute.

Ah, the HS memories

Other new releases coming up from kool bandz like Sigur Ros, Guided By Voices, and- believe it or not- Ben Folds Five. Oh and Justin Bieber. WOOOO.


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