another day

I know what you're thinking: Is that post title a reference to my favorite musical "Rent" in which Mimi and Roger have wildly opposing views about embracing the moment and then Roger changes his mind and then one of them kinda dies? Well, you are wrong. I chose it boringly because sometimes the well of clever titles runs dry.

Every day has its unique challenges. This was yet another day when I looked at the clock and was alarmed to see that it was only about 9:30am... Hours upon hours awaited me with this lil crazy climbing on the couch and falling off the couch and not eating and eating very messily and getting her hands dirty and without fail rubbing them in her hair and the screaming when she gets bathed and the whines and tears that don't seem justified and on and on...

So sometimes we just go outside where the toys are dandelions and peekaboo pine trees, and there's always something new to see- like a "daw" or a "buh" or a "fow". (Dog, bird, and flower of course). And I see her running around joyously and I remember that I am lucky to be able to spend my days with her, my little miss personality. But I still have to say that I am in awe of you moms who have 2 or more crazies running around.

Well, and then it was 9:45 am. Which I declared snuggles and kisses time.


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