It's undeniable that life is more fulfilling that it ever has been, and I get to experience great love from the two most precious people to me in the world. I think my blog genuinely reflects that.

But some days I feel the heart wrenching loss of a former version of me who was able to spend hours upon hours of free time performing in plays, playing music, writing poetry, creating films, and making art... all for the sheer pleasure of it. Not because it's my job, or because there is a project with a deadline, or because I am trying to work it into some parenting method.

So many times in the past years I've gotten an exciting stroke of inspiration and then my attention will get diverted by the "real life" stuff that is my real life now, or even because when I do have a free moment, I'm just too worn out. And then it's forgotten. And lost.

long ago


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