Now that Violet is a girl on the move, she has discovered some new outdoor hobbies, such as:

1. Scraping her knees
2. Putting dirt in her mouth
3. Putting sticks in her mouth
4. Putting rocks in her mouth
5. Laughing when I say NOOOO and cram my hands in her mouth to get the thing out
6. Biting down when I do this
7. Pretending like she is putting something in her mouth and then saying "no no no" with a mischievous smile and glint in her eye

And lastly...
8. Pointing out dogs and saying "dog"... well, actually "daw". She hasn't gotten that G sound on the end yet. But she loves to point and say it.

Plz excuse the very wet and puffy diaper. I got around to dealing with it eventually...

See? What did I tell you? Little miss observant is always on the lookout for a doggie friend passing by. She should join the Neighborhood Watch Group, this one.

'Cause she'd scare off any criminals with that DANGEROUS CUTENESS.

Just check out baby V in action. This is kind of awesome.


McLaine&Andrew April 19, 2012 at 8:44 PM  

the speech nerd here would like you to know that this is called 'final consonant deletion' and it's adorable.

also, the fact that a dog appeared outside is hilarious.

jpak May 3, 2012 at 3:26 PM  

that was one awesome video. i loved reliving it :)

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