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one last thingie

Check this out in case you wanted a front row seat to me getting a tattoo. You may notice that the tattoo is almost complete (aka the most painful part), and I am employing breathing techniques that I learned in child birthing class. You gotta do what you gotta do.

third time's a charm

After 3 years, it was time to head back to the Lucky Monkey for ink job #3. The guy who did my previous two tattoos is no longer working there, but I had the opportunity to get tattooed by the very talented Mandy Snyder.

My inspiration was a vintage botanical encyclopedia image of some violets. I really loved the idea of having that type of look with the roots showing, as opposed to just the typical blooms.

The empty canvas awaits...

Mandy drew an awesome tattooable version of my pic. So then it was time to get on with the good times. And by good I mean GAHHHHOWWW.

Once you're a good hour in (of solid pain, mind you), you get a lil crazy.

It's the coloring in that does it. Hoo boy, glad that's over and done with.

This was around the time when I thought we were close to being done and she said "about 30 more minutes".

But dudes, I love it. Pretty pretty tattoo for my beautiful sweet little girl. And, let me add, the healing process has been amazing. Mandy did excellent tattooing work. Highly recommended!

By the way, internet statistics show that the phrases "pretty tattoo" and "prettiest tattoo" (and now probably "violet tattoo") bring a lot of people to my blog, due to my previous posts (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5). So welcome strangers! Here you will find pretty tattoos but mostly lots and lots of baby cuteness!

bumpy cake & bicycles

Bday hugs for Mommy!

Yeah yeah, it may have been my birthday, but we all know who the star of the show was. Miss Beautiful Baby looks on and waves to her adoring fans from her float in the parade.

Sure she looks innocent, but she can work a room with that dangerous cuteness. By the way, can you tell that I adore that dress on her? I realize it's kinda been on this blog constantly.

Grillinz, bumpy cake, and a birthday bicycle! The fam hadn't counted on the crazy warm weather, hence the photo as temporary placeholder.

Best bday present tho is each new day with these cuties.

end of story

Violet always needs her pre-nap story. These days it is extremely rare that she will accept anything other than Because I Am Your Daddy or Because You Are My Baby. Let's just say she knows what she wants when it comes to fine literature.

In this case, they were joined by Miss Zooey, who insisted they start the story over from the beginning.

Um yeah, so Zooey's still around, as you can see. Just call me the neglectful cat mom.

little v

Mike gave me this for my birthday... Necklace with a tiny tiny pretty little heart with a V... I love it.

Also, guess what: I have a lot of freckles. If you see me post-summer-sunny-day, you'll get the full effect.

One more thing- speaking of freckles, Violet has one tiny little freckle on the back of her right hand. It's so cute. :)

Ok, the end.


pretty in purple

*beep beep* Baby supermodel alertz

*beep beep* Baby eating dirt alertz

All in all, good times. Love this little girl to pieces.

chilly spring morn

Can't wait until the arb peony garden is all peonyful.


Dear whomever decided that it is rude to wear light colors such as ivory, beige, very pale pink and the like to weddings, you have made my life difficult. You see, those are the colors I am drawn to 98% of the time when choosing lovely fancy dresses to wear. And since I am not a socialite, and the kinds of dates Mike and I go out on tend to involve board games or french fries, weddings are the only chances I have to dress fancily. (Unless I'm doing some sort of outdoorsy romantic photo shoot of course)

Until the tides change and more brides wear black or red or grey or tie dye, I will just look longingly at the forbidden choices.

happy belated bday

You can count on Mike for a cute bday breakfast :)

And some friends came to visit! We all had a range of different reactions to Clover.

From this

To this.

It was a regular ol' Beach House girls reunion (+ the newest member)

(who happens to be the cutest member)

Then we figured we might as well add the dudes to the shot.

And then why not include everyone that came over? It was a crazy birthday.

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