Right now I am so obsessed with "Poison & Wine" by the Civil Wars. It's so weird how you can hear a song and then like months later you realize YOU LOVE IT. I have been listening to it on repeat for days. Also it is so weird how uncannily the dude looks like Johnny Depp. Seriously.

I've also been blasting "Keep You" by Wild Belle too. If "Poison & Wine" is a cold, dreary car ride song, then this one is a windows down sunshiney drive somewhere fun kinda of a song. It really makes me nostalgic for that warm February winter weather. HAHA MICHIGAN JOKE.

And "Graveyard" by Feist is just amazing. So amazing that I was sad when I heard it on One Tree Hill when Chad Michael Murray had his big comeback cameo to the show because the song is so so much better than that. But then again, I'm the massive nerd who watches that lame show. It's the series finale in like 2 episodes, ok? I had to see it through.

PS: There is a Feist show in Ann Arbor this summer and you better believe I am going to fight to the death to get tickets. She is amazing live.

PPS: Um, the melancholy hipster girl back up trio is hilarious in its hipstery melancholia. Feel free to laugh. It's ok.

Speaking of shows, one tiny drop of sadness in the glorious oceanic vastness of parenthood is that I can't just drop everything and see a band play whenever I want. Like on a random Tuesday at 11pm. Or even on a random Friday at 9pm, for that matter. Also, I would kill to go to this festival in the UK. Apparently there is a lot of death involved in my passion for music.

But whatevs, when music is amazing, it deserves to be recognized.


Meghan March 31, 2012 at 8:16 PM  

I feel ya on the crappy TV...I was super into that song by Gotye (have you heard it?) and then saw it's gonna be on Glee this week :((

c May 8, 2012 at 1:46 AM  

i literally had no idea One Tree Hill was still on until this very second.

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