the absolute worst

Mike had seen this article online about this local bar that seemed Leopold's-esque... Aka a chill hang out place to grab a table and play board games.

Anyplace with a white buffalo (?) head on the wall is ok with me.

The "wurst" refers to all of their numerous bratwurst choices. GET IT? But seriously, check out these options! Rattlesnake! Turducken! Craziness!

The Masts each have their own reaction to the menu.

Turns out rattlesnake and rabbit bratwursts don't look like the animals they're made of.

We got down to nerd business once we put in orders for brats and sweet potater tots.

Here's boring ol' Karen with her boring ol' regular bratwurst + sauteed onions. It was super yum so I am not regretting my decision. Let's just say that no one else was as brave as Andrew, who feasted on a big juicy rattlesnake brat.

One thing cool about the gameroom was that if you got certain scores in ski ball, you win different amounts off of your bill! Good thinkin, Wurst Bar. Anywho, we ended up playin some foosball. Which I should mention that I am not good at, nor do I like.

You can see the intensity in (some of) our eyes. We actually ended the night with a massive foosball-induced fight and haven't spoken to them since. Friend feud!

Ok, not really, but that would be kinda funny, in a not funny at all really way.


c May 8, 2012 at 1:43 AM  

ha, I just realized that is a different bar than the one we went to that "strange night" at! up until now, I assumed they were one in the same.

good thing for your blog.

I wanna try this one, too!

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