Right now I am so obsessed with "Poison & Wine" by the Civil Wars. It's so weird how you can hear a song and then like months later you realize YOU LOVE IT. I have been listening to it on repeat for days. Also it is so weird how uncannily the dude looks like Johnny Depp. Seriously.

I've also been blasting "Keep You" by Wild Belle too. If "Poison & Wine" is a cold, dreary car ride song, then this one is a windows down sunshiney drive somewhere fun kinda of a song. It really makes me nostalgic for that warm February winter weather. HAHA MICHIGAN JOKE.

And "Graveyard" by Feist is just amazing. So amazing that I was sad when I heard it on One Tree Hill when Chad Michael Murray had his big comeback cameo to the show because the song is so so much better than that. But then again, I'm the massive nerd who watches that lame show. It's the series finale in like 2 episodes, ok? I had to see it through.

PS: There is a Feist show in Ann Arbor this summer and you better believe I am going to fight to the death to get tickets. She is amazing live.

PPS: Um, the melancholy hipster girl back up trio is hilarious in its hipstery melancholia. Feel free to laugh. It's ok.

Speaking of shows, one tiny drop of sadness in the glorious oceanic vastness of parenthood is that I can't just drop everything and see a band play whenever I want. Like on a random Tuesday at 11pm. Or even on a random Friday at 9pm, for that matter. Also, I would kill to go to this festival in the UK. Apparently there is a lot of death involved in my passion for music.

But whatevs, when music is amazing, it deserves to be recognized.


I am finally delving into the Karen bday week photos (we did so much)! Violet had something of a vacation herself- at Grandma and Grandpa's house! She got to enjoy all kinds of adventures in the warm springy weather.

Also, can we just take a moment to reflect on how beautiful this little girl is?

On the agenda- bubbles!

What a lil cutie.

the absolute worst

Mike had seen this article online about this local bar that seemed Leopold's-esque... Aka a chill hang out place to grab a table and play board games.

Anyplace with a white buffalo (?) head on the wall is ok with me.

The "wurst" refers to all of their numerous bratwurst choices. GET IT? But seriously, check out these options! Rattlesnake! Turducken! Craziness!

The Masts each have their own reaction to the menu.

Turns out rattlesnake and rabbit bratwursts don't look like the animals they're made of.

We got down to nerd business once we put in orders for brats and sweet potater tots.

Here's boring ol' Karen with her boring ol' regular bratwurst + sauteed onions. It was super yum so I am not regretting my decision. Let's just say that no one else was as brave as Andrew, who feasted on a big juicy rattlesnake brat.

One thing cool about the gameroom was that if you got certain scores in ski ball, you win different amounts off of your bill! Good thinkin, Wurst Bar. Anywho, we ended up playin some foosball. Which I should mention that I am not good at, nor do I like.

You can see the intensity in (some of) our eyes. We actually ended the night with a massive foosball-induced fight and haven't spoken to them since. Friend feud!

Ok, not really, but that would be kinda funny, in a not funny at all really way.

danger danger

So (as if it wasn't dangerous enough to have Etsy just waiting to be perused at any hour of the day), I found a new (to me) awesome online shop called Poketo. They have collaborated with hundreds of artists around the world, who create items to be sold- housewares, clothes, jewelry, etc. Yes, I know it's really sounding Etsy-like, but it's focus is more on professional artists creating cute everyday items that regular ol' people can buy.

bike bells!

rad t-shirt!

awesome mobile!


And the grand finale... the most amazing bike basket I have seen in MY LIFE.

Speaking o' bikes, yours truly was a proud recipient of a gold vintage bicycle for her bday... and Violet got a bike seat for Christmas... So that means when the weather gets warm again we will certainly be toolin around town like a boss. Like bosses?

photo album

Sometimes you can't decide which photos to choose. And then you remember that you are the dictator of blog content so you can do whatever you want. Hope you enjoyed the excessive cuteness!

internettery again

Pretty things to do to your nails!

And eyes!

And hair!

These shoes are kind of amazing.

Maybe someday I will get around to making little dolls for Violet

And in my dreams, this is Violet's next birthday cake.

PS: Mike and I are seeing The Hunger Games today and I cannot wait! eeeeeeeeeeeeee!


These are clearly from before the time when I wanted to jump in a swimming pool- back when it was like 50 degrees outside. I just love her little pea coat (hopefully she'll get to wear it more than 3 times total).

I might grumble a bit, but hot or cool, Violet and I have been immensely enjoying playing outside. We walk around the yard and down the sidewalk and play on the deck several times a day. It's so fun to see her exploring everything for the first time, since now she can walk around. However, I'm trying to get her to not explore the daffodils in the form of trying to pull them out of the ground. We're trying...


Let's just say that Violet is still learning her way around a spoon.

Although this was from a couple weeks ago, and she has definitely improved already! More food gets in her mouth than not. Usually.

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