So Violet's been on a "moving the furniture" kick. Is this normal? Do toddlers go through a "move any item across the floor that isn't bolted down or 50+ lbs" phase? Also does anyone actually have any bolted down furniture who doesn't live in a Super 8 Motel? Also has anyone heard of the story of when I was at a Super 8 Motel by myself and there was a prison next door, which I found out from hotel staff who said "Don't wander around. Actually it's best if you lock yourself in your room"? But I digress.

In case you haven't noticed, she's also still on a BEING SUPER ADORABLE kick. I mean, the robot sweater! The jeggings! That face!

But yeah anyway.... back to that whole "moving things around" phase. This isn't just limited to furniture and toys. Please see the above example.


c March 19, 2012 at 12:55 PM  

tell the motel 8 story! tell the motel 8 story!

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