Ummmm ok so when I posted last about "Saturday" being that "one day" that "Mike and Violet" were sick and I was "kinda sick", I had no idea what the future would bring. And by "bring", I mean dump upon me like a disgusting, unwelcome gift of vomit and other unmentionables. By the end of that day I had developed full-on, super intense digestive pyrotechnics of unimaginable proportions. And it stuck around for a good long time... Like until now. And I am not the kind of person who gets sick- like an actual sickness... I get colds sometimes- so this was unprecedented and awful.

I am gathering myself together again. Lord knows it was already ridiculously overwhelming around here, so this was not what I had in mind as a pick-me-up. But Violet's cuteness does not cease, and darn it all if I don't owe it to those internets to keep puttin those cutie pics out there. In other news, I just read The Help and I think it's affecting my speaking style.


Mike February 22, 2012 at 11:41 PM  

I do declare

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