It feels like it's been a really long time.

Grilling outside... owning a Blackberry...

Tank tops and naps on quilts in the yard...

Johnny Depp and Kate Moss still together...

yen for lemon

This funny girl has a lemon craving these days.

The best part of this video is Violet. The second best part of this video is the girl in the background.

my main man

We had a jolly good time on Mike's birthday. I couldn't wait to give him his presents, so he got them the night before! Nerdy books and a self-defense tactical flashlight annnnnd...

This! I made him a Battlestar Galactica tshirt! I made the stencil myself and everything.

He had the day off on his bday, so we went out to lunch to Panera and brought Agricola.

Then later it was time for friendz & gamez. We played Mike-themed Wits and Wagers!

Then it was time for some cupcakes. Not having birthday candles seems to be a theme. Luckily the trusty pumpkin candle was there to fill in!

Yumz & funz. Great birthday!







pink watercolor heart


I would kill for that sweater. And yes I realize why wearing it would be completely ridiculous.

jammie jam

What is it about jammies on little bodies?

They're just the cutest.


Ummmm ok so when I posted last about "Saturday" being that "one day" that "Mike and Violet" were sick and I was "kinda sick", I had no idea what the future would bring. And by "bring", I mean dump upon me like a disgusting, unwelcome gift of vomit and other unmentionables. By the end of that day I had developed full-on, super intense digestive pyrotechnics of unimaginable proportions. And it stuck around for a good long time... Like until now. And I am not the kind of person who gets sick- like an actual sickness... I get colds sometimes- so this was unprecedented and awful.

I am gathering myself together again. Lord knows it was already ridiculously overwhelming around here, so this was not what I had in mind as a pick-me-up. But Violet's cuteness does not cease, and darn it all if I don't owe it to those internets to keep puttin those cutie pics out there. In other news, I just read The Help and I think it's affecting my speaking style.


This pretty much sums up today... and most of the week, but today took the cake. Little Violet was sick. Mike was sick. I was feeling almost sick. Unfortunately I was so looking forward to today because we had the whole day totally free and ready to get filled up with fun. And I really needed it after this tough week. But instead we all took turns lying around... and barfing... and cleaning up places a certain person (who can't control where her barf goes) barfed. Ugh x 1000000.

Let's hope next week is better :/

ba boom ba boom boom

I love that Violet loves music. All those rock shows I went to when she was in the womb must've been an influence. Oh yeah, and all that music constantly blasting in my car and at home...

back to the park

So Violet and I just like it here.

Can't wait til spring with this lil walker (and climber) :)

be mine

Happy Valentine's Day! Violet wants to know if someone will be her valentine because she just rolled her eyes in an "Oh Mom you're so embarrassing" way when I said she'll always be my sweet little valentine.

Hope you get to snuggle with someone you love.


So Violet's been on a "moving the furniture" kick. Is this normal? Do toddlers go through a "move any item across the floor that isn't bolted down or 50+ lbs" phase? Also does anyone actually have any bolted down furniture who doesn't live in a Super 8 Motel? Also has anyone heard of the story of when I was at a Super 8 Motel by myself and there was a prison next door, which I found out from hotel staff who said "Don't wander around. Actually it's best if you lock yourself in your room"? But I digress.

In case you haven't noticed, she's also still on a BEING SUPER ADORABLE kick. I mean, the robot sweater! The jeggings! That face!

But yeah anyway.... back to that whole "moving things around" phase. This isn't just limited to furniture and toys. Please see the above example.

leggo my lego

Game night! We busted out Creationary, which is like Pictionary with legos!

Our good friends Jen & Kevin came over to play.

This was my version of a drum set, duh.

And the Statue of Liberty of course! I have to admit that I was pretty proud of this one.

We were stuck for like forever trying to figure out this thing Kevin made, and then Mike finally figured out it was a blender... which seems obvious now that I look at it again. The top cylinder part even spun around which made it seem super blendery.

Who wants to come over next for nerdy game fun? Our door is always open...

Except when it's closed and all three locks are on, which is the case pretty much all the time.

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