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Well, um, this is embarrassing. I am finally getting around to photos from Thanksgiving dinner. I mean *ahem* this fits perfectly because my new year's resolution is to be more thankful and eat more turkey/stuffing/mashed potatoes/pumpkin pie. Oh, and lose like 100000 lbs. Should be pretty easy.

There's our lil cutie in autumn corduroy.

Once Violet was dressed and running around with Daddy, it was time for me to get to work. I gathered some aromatics to stuff in the turkey, which included some harvested parsley from my garden.

Let's be honest- I didn't actually do any of the stuffing of the turkey. Or the pulling out the junk from inside the turkey. Or anything that really involved me touching the raw turkey with my hands for any length of time. Mike got things all situated with the carcass and then got some help with trussing from a lil video from Alton Brown.

I quickly took over when the actual cooking part of Thanksgiving dinner started. No one can baste a bird like I can.

Meanwhile, our guests were arriving... and apparently telepathically communicating with each other ahead of time regarding what to wear.

And since both Mike's and my families were there, it was serious group photo time. 1000000 pix later plus the above, it was time to go back inside and continue to wait for the scrumptious food. Also, don't you think it would be creepy to be that guy who says in all seriousness "scrumptious" when a server at a restaurant asks how everything is?

The table was ready to go. All we needed was some food on the plates. OOH SUSPENSE will the turkey make it??? Guess you'll have to check in later to find out.


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