she's number one

Well, I didn't think it was enough to have the families over for Thanksgiving, so a week later we invited them back for Violet's big birthday extravaganza! Of course she was captivated by all the pretty packages. Fun fact: Violet is wearing one of the dresses I sewed for her.

I made tissue paper puffs and Mike hung them all over. Please excuse the disturbing Rudolph head lurking in the background... always lurking.

I whipped up a yummy brunch for all of us- spinach quiche, silver dollar pancakes, smoked sausage, and fresh fruits of all kinds.

Time to get down to business. Violet opened her cards first.

Not only did she receive lovely handmade cards from both sets of grandparents, but they both used the same Violet photo! I mean, out of thousands of Violet pictures, that really is amazing.

Mmmmk, Violet is getting impatient. Gotta tackle those presents.

Not to mention eat some yummy cupcakes!

But you'll have to wait until tomorrow for the exciting conclusion of Violet's lovely birthday of cuteness and sweetness.


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