she's number one... part 2

Violet was excited that Mom was finally going to let her eat sweets. What better way to top dark chocolate cupcakes with pink buttercream frosting than these adorable hearts? I made them with sparkly paper and other paper and old Powerpuff Girls valentines. (They were also in the pancakes, as featured yesterday)

She clapped after we sang Happy Birthday, and Mom had to help blow out the solitary candle.

Just look at her lil smile if you were wondering if she liked it.

She had lots and lots of presents to open. Grandma and Grandpa and Gommy and Poppy and Uncle Chris were all very generous. Oh, and I guess Mom and Dad were too.

She got lots of fun toys and books and clothes and stuff she needed. I can't post photos of them all, so I'll just put this one with her new piggy bank because she has the sweetest little grin. I also had all the videos of her I edited for my blog playing in the background, so we got a nice dose of baby Violet nostalgia.

Well, it was time for the party to end, and this little girl needed a nap. So she got in her comfies and then said bye bye to everyone.

After a good snuggle, she calmed down and quickly fell asleep. What a fun birthday!


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