lucky 13

Oh me oh my, the lovely Violet is 13 months old today! This sweet girl is getting to that fun age where she has very strong opinions about what she wants. Seriously, don't even try to read her any bedtime story other than The Fuzzy Duckling unless you want it to be pushed and kicked out of your hands, accompanied by a "noooo". We have lots of fun playing and snuggling together these days. And even though I can tell you every type and quantity of animal the fuzzy duckling meets on his journeys, I wouldn't trade those moments for anything. They slip away so quickly, much like the two frisky colts who were not in the mood to go for a walk with the fuzzy little duckling.

My cutie pie has acquired a new skill just this week! She prefers to feed herself, which means Mom gets to practice her patience... Mealtimes now take about an hour. Let's just say she hasn't mastered the spoon thing completely yet.

Another milestone- her new goofy top teeth! Hehehe they are just so silly and gappy and cute.

Happy one year and one month birthday, my love!


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