Here I am getting annoyed. Sorry, Jen.

Say HELLO again to a non-Violet, 2009-ish Karen in Color post. I know, it's been awhile. Let's just get to know each other again before we move too fast. Anyway, I have to balance the sunshine and rainbows that Violet brings to the blog with some good, old-fashioned negativity! So let me present...


1. The sound of Natalie Merchant's voice
Apparently Natalie's record label decided the best way to market her would be to contact all grocery stores and convince them that her songs from 20 years ago would be perfect "buying milk and detergent" music.

2. The word "webinar"
Even the sound of it in my mind as I read this makes me cringe.

3. Putting liquid soap on dry hands
Ew. Why are you doing this.

4. When people floss NOT in the bathroom
Steph and I strongly disapprove(, Mike).

5. Flip-flops
I never owned a pair of flip-flops until I was 19 and spent the summer living in Myrtle Beach, which is a pretty dumb place to NOT own them. Since then, I only wear them when absolutely necessary. I don't know if you've ever worn Converse All-stars to the beach, but I have... and it's not pleasant.

6. Flip-flop paraphernalia
Apparently the kind of person who wants to accessorize all of their possessions with flip-flops is the kind of person who put cans of beer over ice in their tote bag (see top "flip-flop paraphernalia" image). I rest my case.

I'm more caught up than I've been in awhile on Violet photos, so I hope to add some of that old Karen in Color flavor to the casserole that is my blog. SO GET READY FOR A SECOND HELPING. And why don't you join the CLEAN PLATE CLUB? And let's just say I WON'T BE THE ONE DOING THE DISHES. So make sure you load the dishwasher with the DELICATE ITEMS ON THE TOP RACK. And also- ok, I'm beating a dead horse... ALONG WITH HALF A DOZEN EGGS TO MAKE A DELICIOUS QUICHE.


Brad February 5, 2012 at 8:45 PM  

Ever since I first heard "webinar" I hated it.

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