christmas in january

Ok, so of course we had OODLES of photos from all of our various holiday events, so let me just summarize everything in a single, solitary post! ...Ok it will actually be two posts.

The annual Christmas concert at my church is my favorite event that we do. It's also a crazy amount of work, and I am inevitably stressed out of my mind. BUT I LOVE IT because it's my baby. In fact my coworkers suggested that I name my firstborn child "Christy Concert" because I love it so much. (As you know, that didn't work out, unfortunately). PLEASE NOTE the glockenspiel on the right side of the photo- I busted it out on a bunch o songs! It was so rad.

Violet enjoyed dancing to the music from the balcony. She was lucky to get a seat- It was the biggest crowd we've had for any single event in New Life Church history. And guess who has two thumbs and planned said event. THIS GUY.

A-thank you, a-thank you.

We went to a fun Christmas-slash-graduation party at Andrew and McLaine's apartment. She made snowflakes from old school papers & tests, which was pretty cool. Fun fact: They actually cut down that tree. Like from the real woods. With a real saw. So weird.

Mike and Violet and I enjoyed our own little family Christmas on Christmas Eve Eve. Mike Sound of Musicked my presents (aka made brown paper packages tied up with string... with comics drawn on them). I love that guy.

I got Mike a bunch o camera accessories, including a fisheye lens.

...which of course he had to play with immediately.

Violet loved her new pigeon book. Seriously those Mo Willems books are great.

We also had some fun timez with friendz who were in town for the holidayz. And as you can tell, I dyed my hair that week too!



demoreeann January 24, 2012 at 9:48 AM  

:) :) i heart christmastime.

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