christmas in january 2

We were really excited to give our parents a photobook we made of Violet through her first year.

Violet pointed out her fav photos to Gommy & Poppy when we visited them on Christmas Eve.

Violet also pointed out her fav presidents. Seriously, whenever she's at their house, she loves playing with those presidents.

On Christmas day, we drove out to Grandville to hang with Mike's fam.

Of course Violet was once again showered with fun gifts.

Um and so was I.

YAY I got to play Clue! It had been so long. Ironically after Mike took this photo it turned out that Miss Scarlet WAS guilty.

Welp, we ditched Violet and drove home. Or should I say, Violet enjoyed a nice vacation with Grandma and Grandpa while Mike and I enjoyed a nice & relaxing rest of the week alone.

So we were free to party it up on New Year's. Our friends Matt & Rachel threw a party with a bunch of our friends.

Apparently it was so fun, I felt the need to high-five Tim.

Then pre-midnight Mike, Ciara, Brad, and I headed out to the Blind Pig to hit up The Bang!

And we put our awesome dance faces on. And stayed out late! Like we were actual young people! With a night life! It was insane!

Although we missed Violet dearly and she came home to hugs & snugs. And that was our holiday.



mclaine January 22, 2012 at 11:47 AM  

it is amazing to me how much mike looks like his mom!

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