Here I am getting annoyed. Sorry, Jen.

Say HELLO again to a non-Violet, 2009-ish Karen in Color post. I know, it's been awhile. Let's just get to know each other again before we move too fast. Anyway, I have to balance the sunshine and rainbows that Violet brings to the blog with some good, old-fashioned negativity! So let me present...


1. The sound of Natalie Merchant's voice
Apparently Natalie's record label decided the best way to market her would be to contact all grocery stores and convince them that her songs from 20 years ago would be perfect "buying milk and detergent" music.

2. The word "webinar"
Even the sound of it in my mind as I read this makes me cringe.

3. Putting liquid soap on dry hands
Ew. Why are you doing this.

4. When people floss NOT in the bathroom
Steph and I strongly disapprove(, Mike).

5. Flip-flops
I never owned a pair of flip-flops until I was 19 and spent the summer living in Myrtle Beach, which is a pretty dumb place to NOT own them. Since then, I only wear them when absolutely necessary. I don't know if you've ever worn Converse All-stars to the beach, but I have... and it's not pleasant.

6. Flip-flop paraphernalia
Apparently the kind of person who wants to accessorize all of their possessions with flip-flops is the kind of person who put cans of beer over ice in their tote bag (see top "flip-flop paraphernalia" image). I rest my case.

I'm more caught up than I've been in awhile on Violet photos, so I hope to add some of that old Karen in Color flavor to the casserole that is my blog. SO GET READY FOR A SECOND HELPING. And why don't you join the CLEAN PLATE CLUB? And let's just say I WON'T BE THE ONE DOING THE DISHES. So make sure you load the dishwasher with the DELICATE ITEMS ON THE TOP RACK. And also- ok, I'm beating a dead horse... ALONG WITH HALF A DOZEN EGGS TO MAKE A DELICIOUS QUICHE.


So this evening I got home after working a Friday/Saturday church retreat, and my wonderful husband had a homemade pizza coming out of the oven. I was exhausted but excited to see my husb & baby bunny & eat some delicious dinnerz. So I'm sitting there eating, and Violet's eating little bits off my plate and then this happens:

I know I know I posted weeks ago that she had taken her first few steps, but- I kid you not- it has not happened again since that day. Anyway, we were so excited that she was ready to try it again! So of course we thought that it would continue on like this for a while- a few wobbly steps here and there. And then I was lying on the couch and fell asleep for like 20 minutes, and then Mike wakes me up because THIS was in progress:

No big deal, just gonna conquer this whole skill in an hour. After this she was for real like doing laps around the living room. And I was so impressed that she all of sudden could get to a standing position without holding onto anything- something I've never seen her do before either!

Anywho, needless to say, we were SO PROUD. I can't believe we live with this little amazing being who is experiencing everything in the world for the first time. She is truly not a baby any more... *happy/sad mom tears*

kind of winter sometimes

We haven't had much of a winter lately, but V & I have been enjoying the unexpected opportunities to play outside. This one day it was almost 50 degrees, so we had to visit our old friend the swing... And make a new friend the crawl-thru tube with peekaboo holes, or C-TTWPH, as he prefers to be called.

If your face did not melt from cuteness overload in that last photo than you have no soul. If it did then congratulations, you have a soul, but no face, as you lost it in a tragic face-melting accident.

some days, i tell ya

Sometimes you just have to back up and see the big picture.

Like today when Violet skipped both naps and cried instead and almost stuck her finger in an electrical socket and fell down and bonked her head on the wood floor and splashed around in toilet water... I promise I'm not a terrible mother- these things just happen...

Then I remember I get to be a Mommy to this goofy lil sweet thing who (most of the time) brings me so much joy.

PS: Isn't this the cutest little ring? I saw it on Etsy a long time ago, but lost track of who the seller is.

dress up

Lady Violet looks on with disdain, for the absolutely abhorrent fur neck scarf simply will not do if she wants to keep her place in high society.

But a fur mane- that is the statement piece she's looking for.

Hear ye, hear ye! I've got one adorable little Mary to rent for any upcoming Nativity scenes!

She even has that perfect "I have to go into labor WHERE?" face.

baby blue

This little girl and her daddy are my world.

Seriously, I adore my lovely family. We are three peas in a little pod.

christmas in january 2

We were really excited to give our parents a photobook we made of Violet through her first year.

Violet pointed out her fav photos to Gommy & Poppy when we visited them on Christmas Eve.

Violet also pointed out her fav presidents. Seriously, whenever she's at their house, she loves playing with those presidents.

On Christmas day, we drove out to Grandville to hang with Mike's fam.

Of course Violet was once again showered with fun gifts.

Um and so was I.

YAY I got to play Clue! It had been so long. Ironically after Mike took this photo it turned out that Miss Scarlet WAS guilty.

Welp, we ditched Violet and drove home. Or should I say, Violet enjoyed a nice vacation with Grandma and Grandpa while Mike and I enjoyed a nice & relaxing rest of the week alone.

So we were free to party it up on New Year's. Our friends Matt & Rachel threw a party with a bunch of our friends.

Apparently it was so fun, I felt the need to high-five Tim.

Then pre-midnight Mike, Ciara, Brad, and I headed out to the Blind Pig to hit up The Bang!

And we put our awesome dance faces on. And stayed out late! Like we were actual young people! With a night life! It was insane!

Although we missed Violet dearly and she came home to hugs & snugs. And that was our holiday.


christmas in january

Ok, so of course we had OODLES of photos from all of our various holiday events, so let me just summarize everything in a single, solitary post! ...Ok it will actually be two posts.

The annual Christmas concert at my church is my favorite event that we do. It's also a crazy amount of work, and I am inevitably stressed out of my mind. BUT I LOVE IT because it's my baby. In fact my coworkers suggested that I name my firstborn child "Christy Concert" because I love it so much. (As you know, that didn't work out, unfortunately). PLEASE NOTE the glockenspiel on the right side of the photo- I busted it out on a bunch o songs! It was so rad.

Violet enjoyed dancing to the music from the balcony. She was lucky to get a seat- It was the biggest crowd we've had for any single event in New Life Church history. And guess who has two thumbs and planned said event. THIS GUY.

A-thank you, a-thank you.

We went to a fun Christmas-slash-graduation party at Andrew and McLaine's apartment. She made snowflakes from old school papers & tests, which was pretty cool. Fun fact: They actually cut down that tree. Like from the real woods. With a real saw. So weird.

Mike and Violet and I enjoyed our own little family Christmas on Christmas Eve Eve. Mike Sound of Musicked my presents (aka made brown paper packages tied up with string... with comics drawn on them). I love that guy.

I got Mike a bunch o camera accessories, including a fisheye lens.

...which of course he had to play with immediately.

Violet loved her new pigeon book. Seriously those Mo Willems books are great.

We also had some fun timez with friendz who were in town for the holidayz. And as you can tell, I dyed my hair that week too!


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