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We spent an achingly long time walking around NYC, so it was time for some chillin. Washington Square Park was what we needed.

Please note this is the very park that Rory Gilmore visited when she ditched school to take a bus to NYC to surprise Jess. Sadly this scene was not actually filmed there, otherwise Mike and I could have recreated it. After all, we are an example of the lasting love they should have shared... But I digress.

I mean check out these lovebirds. Do you see them up in the tree in the nest? HAR HAR I know how to deliver a doozy of a joke.

doopa doo monuments n stuff

Mike lost at chess to an old guy. I wish I could've jumped in because I would have murdered him.**

**in chess.

And then there was a pretty fountain set into the ground with circular steps around where you could sit.

It was also a nice place for one to enjoy a cannoli that one may have procured earlier.

We eventually left the park and stopped somewhere for a beverage and some quick eats. And what is in front of our faces but an ad for the very next item on our itinerary? Broadway, baby!


Anonymous January 2, 2012 at 1:04 PM  

in my mind, there's a secret 8th season of Gilmore Girls where Rory and Jess meet up again after the Obama campaign and fall madly deeply in love all over again.

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