o christmas tree

It's kinda funny that the last time we did this, Violet was curled up warm n cozy in my tumz. We didn't want to not have the tree up for Christmas, so we put it up early in anticipation of our baby who was "due" "November" "29th". This year baby V got to help.

I decided last year when we got the tree (it was our first one, btw) that I didn't want to just buy a package of ornaments. Either I was going to make them or someone else was or they would be ones we received as gifts. I bet you can imagine just how many I made between being pregnant last year and raising a child this year (*ahem* one...), soooo Etsy to the rescue!

Also Etsy.

Etsy again. I only get a few a year, so I figure soon enough I'll have a cute little collection.

I did make this cute lil heart garland though.

Ok ready? ONE... TWO...


*Spoken in Tootsie Pop owl voice.

Annnnd then this happens. Ironically WHILE I was creating this post, I had to remove Zooey from climbing up inside the tree... *sigh*... What a grinch.

On that note, Merry Chistmas!


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