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If you can believe it, I'm finally done with posting NYC photos. What can I say? We had a week's worth of adventures crammed into parts of two days. Anyway, on our way out via Jersey we saw this... Which explains why we couldn't get the gas pump to work.

We headed back to our little place in the mountains in Pennsylvania for a couple more days. We were a little photo-ed out after NYC, so there's not much left to document.

One last trip to Chet's Place to hang with the locals and grab a delicious $6 steak dinner.

One last swim in the pool. OH MY GOSH I love this photo because the presence of Mike's reflection makes it look so creeptastic. The upper level of the rec room looked down on the pools for photo opportunities just as these.

Then it was time to hit the road.

Home sweet home. We live in this traffic light.


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