bldgz plz

Mike and I are unabashedly those nerds who walk around NYC and are like OOH REALLY TALL BUILDINGS *click click camera* when the people that live there are like *sigh*. Kinda like when we were in Sturgis, MI and we were like OOH AMISH FAMILY WITH A HORSE N BUGGY *click*. I gotta say though in that case it was truly amazing because the local Walmart had specific parking spots for horses and buggies. Wha?? I can't help it, I'm just a (mid-sized) city girl.

But back to the big city...

Speaking of weird parking spaces... Mid-sized-city-girl me was amused by this as well.

And the journey continues.


mclaine December 19, 2011 at 10:22 AM  

our walmart totes has those things.

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