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On our NYC foot travels, we passed through the notorious Canal Street. Street vendors selling knockoff name brand items abound. In fact, we couldn't walk twenty feet without a person disguised as a tourist leaning in furtively and whispering "Prada? Chanel? Gucci?" Apparently they are people who are illegally selling actual name brand bags- If you are interested they'll take you to a secret location where the deal goes down. WEIRD.

Or you can just buy any kind of crap for like $5. I did barter with a dude for a pair of sunglasses since I forgot to bring mine that day.

And then like two seconds later you realize you are in Chinatown.

All the white people were standing in a confused clump by a street map.

I'm sorry, but this is the best photo I've seen in my life. Today, anyway.

Mike had to get legit bubble tea of course.

And I wanted some fresh, authentic Chinese food.

Um yeah right. This place was rad though.

Yumz. What can I say? I like my Chinese food with a dash of Americaniness.

And you walk like one street over and then you're in Little Italy. Clearly I had to track down some awesome cannoli. Like duh.

Mission accomplished!


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