nyeeee so cute

Happy NYE! Please enjoy this video from two people who are so freaking adorable I can't stand it. Seriously if they got together I think my head would explode with glee.

But I would settle for them doing a movie together in which they end up skipping off into the horizon in a love induced stupor, unlike how this other movie I know turned out... (I'm looking at you, 500 Days of Summer. However, for the record I did really really like that movie)

Hope you all get to party tonight! xxoo
Love, Karen, Zooey D, & JGL

in conclusion

If you can believe it, I'm finally done with posting NYC photos. What can I say? We had a week's worth of adventures crammed into parts of two days. Anyway, on our way out via Jersey we saw this... Which explains why we couldn't get the gas pump to work.

We headed back to our little place in the mountains in Pennsylvania for a couple more days. We were a little photo-ed out after NYC, so there's not much left to document.

One last trip to Chet's Place to hang with the locals and grab a delicious $6 steak dinner.

One last swim in the pool. OH MY GOSH I love this photo because the presence of Mike's reflection makes it look so creeptastic. The upper level of the rec room looked down on the pools for photo opportunities just as these.

Then it was time to hit the road.

Home sweet home. We live in this traffic light.

fav food


Plastic: It just isn't the same thing.


Time to stroll down a few blocks from Times Square to some Broadway theaters.

Neato light-up sign!

We got there pretty early, so what else was there to do but pretend we were hangin out with Harry Potter?

And then we did hang out with him. I wouldn't say the show has very memorable songs, but the script and acting and choreography were phenomenal. And Daniel Radcliffe was amazing in it- super funny and entertaining.

When we left, we were in super Broadway musical mode!

wash [ ] pk

We spent an achingly long time walking around NYC, so it was time for some chillin. Washington Square Park was what we needed.

Please note this is the very park that Rory Gilmore visited when she ditched school to take a bus to NYC to surprise Jess. Sadly this scene was not actually filmed there, otherwise Mike and I could have recreated it. After all, we are an example of the lasting love they should have shared... But I digress.

I mean check out these lovebirds. Do you see them up in the tree in the nest? HAR HAR I know how to deliver a doozy of a joke.

doopa doo monuments n stuff

Mike lost at chess to an old guy. I wish I could've jumped in because I would have murdered him.**

**in chess.

And then there was a pretty fountain set into the ground with circular steps around where you could sit.

It was also a nice place for one to enjoy a cannoli that one may have procured earlier.

We eventually left the park and stopped somewhere for a beverage and some quick eats. And what is in front of our faces but an ad for the very next item on our itinerary? Broadway, baby!

crayons & cookies

Well, Violet's a big girl now (12 going on 13 months!), so I figured it was time to get the crayons out so I can start putting all those masterpieces on the fridge.

She was a little confused.

And then discovered how fun it is to put things in her nose. Next year maybe?

In other news, this is what happens when you ignore the "place 2 inches apart" suggestion on baking instructions. It was more like a molasses cookie cake. A sweet, delicious, molassy molasses cookie cake.

merry christmas everyone

I miss you guys. I just can't keep up so well on the blogginz because this month has been super busy and honestly quite stressful. But over the past day or so Mike and Violet and I have been able to slow down a little bit... and next week even has a glimmer of hope and the promise of rest and relaxation.

I hope you all have lovely Christmases and enjoy time with fam n friendz.

xxxooo k

kitty cat

Whenever I open a new gallon of milk (and if you know me at all, it's often), I throw the plastic ring from the neck of the jug down on the floor for Zooey to play with. She seriously rejects all toys except for that. We'll see her run by with it in her mouth...

...much like in these photos. Apparently Zooey's behavior is rubbing off on Violet. Here she was, just helping unload the dishwasher and we catch her in the act.

Maybe she likes to use it for a teething ring. She is finally getting those TWO TOP TEETH in! Pretty soon she'll look like this----> :B

bldgz plz

Mike and I are unabashedly those nerds who walk around NYC and are like OOH REALLY TALL BUILDINGS *click click camera* when the people that live there are like *sigh*. Kinda like when we were in Sturgis, MI and we were like OOH AMISH FAMILY WITH A HORSE N BUGGY *click*. I gotta say though in that case it was truly amazing because the local Walmart had specific parking spots for horses and buggies. Wha?? I can't help it, I'm just a (mid-sized) city girl.

But back to the big city...

Speaking of weird parking spaces... Mid-sized-city-girl me was amused by this as well.

And the journey continues.

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