1. the cuteness of Violet in her jammies
2. my big library of well-worn reread books
3. Violet's giggles & snuggles
4. Mike's constant photo-taking that documents everything
5. Mondays & Thursdays when my parents watch Violet for a chunk of the day so I can work, do errands, relaxxxx
6. purple eyeliner
7. green eyeliner
8. the love & attention Violet gets from all her grandparents
9. you people who look at my blog

10. musicccc (& that Violet starts dancing when she hears it)
11. robbers not breaking into my house and stealing my laptop
12. never getting leprosy
13. never getting smallpox
14. getting chicken pox when I was younger so I don't have to worry about getting it now
15. my karate instructors for teaching me how to kill someone with my bare hands
16. my hawt husband

***List not complete


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