Consider this post the leftover gravy that sits in the fridge when all the turkey's already been eaten (too soon? Let that sink in and reread next week during your tryptophan OD). Basically I've got these random pics that really would be better in a related post, but I've already got the main dish allocated to better posts. Um this is very poorly written. ANYWAY, here are some random vacation photos.

Ok, Pennsylvania residents, 'fess up... What is with all of you people and your man-made lakes out on the lawn? It's like your own version of the in ground pool. I had no idea this was a THING.

We had quite the time tracking down the local establishments. There was one place in particular that took us multiple tries to find. We'd see a sign like this and there there would be nothing for miles (after many options to turn off). It was like a choose your own adventure book... with mostly sadness at the end.

Luckily we had some good ol' entertainment back at the resort.

Everyone's a winner!

Especially if you are my sharpshooting husband MJH. He got a bear, dude.

And I felt safe under Mike's ever-protective watch for sudden bursts of sunshine.

We took a lil trip into Scranton. It was about 30 minutes away and PACKED with adventure.** To see the one touristy thing- all the old timey trains on the old-timey train tracks (to be featured soon)- you actually had to walk through the Scranton Mall.

**There was almost nothing to do there.

But boy am I glad we had to... because we experienced such joys as the Wall of OPOLY...

This one thing that looked like all the happy toys were in prison...

And then this. The best-named dollar store I've seen in my life.

PS: hehehehe


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