salty 2

The hike continued...

And we came upon the first mini waterfall of the three waterfall hike.

Annnd then I realize that according to the trail map, we were supposed to hike UP THE WATERFALL to get to the other ones... Um what? Icy wet unstable rocks? We turned back and took the easier route that let us see the water from above.

We saw Penny Rock, which is (duh) a rock that people pound pennies into. They said it was really bad luck if you take a penny out, so of course I tried to do that cuz I'm all like WHAT NOW JUST TRY AND STOP ME. (I couldn't get one out though...)

Look! Then we saw deer! (This may have been on the side of the road on the drive back)

Onto the next adventure! SIDE NOTE: I just love how this photo is all like looking forward it's winter and looking back it's autumn... SO DEEP.


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