WOWZ! Mike and I had the opportunity to take an awesome vacation a couple weeks ago. And yes, I said that correctly: "Mike and I"... as in, no Violet. I was super worried I would miss her BUNCHES to the point of sad sadness since we were going to be away from her for nine (NINE) whole days! But I also knew we needed some time to relax and get some rest and do non-baby-related fun stuff.

Mike was just happy to get outta town. We were so so grateful to our wonderful friends Jen & Kevin for hooking us up with an awesome FREE place to stay in the eastern Pennsylvania mountains for a week.

Jill, our GPS lady, guided us well.

Meanwhile, I was dreaming about holding Violet (seriously, I was).

We drove several hours that first day and made a stop on our way...

...To visit our dear friends Brian and Demoree!

(and Clover)

We got some good gaming in.

And Dem made us some great food. And then...

They informed us there was going to be a snowstorm that night (Please note the 6"-10" predicted at the bottom of the screen!) Vacation story to be continued...

And back in Michigan, Violet was having a grand time in Grandville with Grandpa & Grandma. Ain't life grand.


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