Take a look into this sweet little girl's eyes... She is eleven months old today! However, she's still a little tiny baby to me. And her teef agree. Still only 2 (but a tiny sliver of a third seems to be comin soon)!

She really is a happy, giggly little thing. We love going on adventures with her. We got a lotta great pics at the cider mill recently.

[Time out for proof of giggles]

Cutie smile: check! Elbow dimple: check!

Sad lil pumpkin surrounded by pumpkins.

There we go- just her size. And apparently just the size for an animal to steal off our porch, which would happen later the evening this day took place.

Smooch addict- 11 months and counting.

Violet is astounded by her cuteness.

Oh my goodness this lovely girl fills me with joy!

And we love her more each day :)


Anonymous November 6, 2011 at 7:35 AM  

My, I am cute! I'll see you later today mom and dad. I miss You!


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