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I'm telling you, we were ALL OVER that Rockefeller Center the first day in New York. Turns out you can go to the top and see the city from every direction.

Only rough thing is climbing up 70 flights of stairs.

Ok not really there was an elevator.

And then this sight!

Central Park + morrrrre

It was cool 'cause there were actually three stories of observation deck goodness.

lolz... giant Mike, lil Empire State Building


It was a lovely time. And I can't believe it was snowing a couple days before this. I mean look at that blue sky and the lack of winter apparel!

eyes & ears, awesome edition


Amanda Palmer's ukelele covers of some of my fav Radiohead songs!

And just to really push this blog post into EUPHORIA TERRITORY, let me now include a photo of Violet at Achilles:


**I have a lot of emotions.


During our first day in New York, we visited St. Patrick's Cathedral. It was really (x20) beautiful. Here, I'll PROVE it to you:

I wish I could surround myself with worn Catholic icons and candles and peeling paint in an enclosed series of abandoned rooms. Yes this may be considered weird, considering that I am not Catholic... and because it is just weird. I am just really captivated by deteriorating beautiful structures. Show me a cracked stain glass window or a melted Madonna and I'm all good.

ANYWAY back to (the very non-deteriorating) St. Patrick's.

Ahhhh. A silent haven in the middle of the rushing loud busy busy New York streets.

...But I gotta admit, I like the busyness. There are more NYC adventures to be had!

giggle chaser

Um this is one of the cutest things I've seen in my life.


We finally arrived! NYC, hope you are ready to get Karened and Miked.

*Ahem* excuse me while I get all touristy and whip out my foldy map...

We spent a chunk of the day doing various things in Rockefeller Plaza, which houses NBC Studios.

Note to tourists: This building is very confusingly laid out. Also there are virtually no bathrooms.


We went on the NBC tour (no cameras allowed, boo) and we saw ?uestlove from The Roots walking in to work for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Later I saw Scott Adsit who plays Pete on 30 Rock. I'd been on the tour before, but it was still fun to visit Studio 8H where Saturday Night Live is filmed. And a bunch of other places too.

SPEAKING OF JIMMY FALLON (drumroll plz), we AMAZINGLY got the chance to score last minute tickets which let us into his show rehearsal AND THEN be in the audience for the taping OF THE SHOW. I WAS SO EXCITED because Mike & I are big Jimmy fans and watch the show religiously. Once again, of course no cameras of any kind allowed...

He did a pretty spot-on Justin Bieber impression on that episode. The guests were Billy Bob Thorton, the Eurythmics, and Taraji Henson (from the new show Person of Interest). Unfortunately he didn't do any of his signature games that include audience members, just shoe golf with Taraji. Mike and I had this dream that we'd be on "cell phone shoot out" or "models and buckets" or something. Or maybe Justin Timberlake would show up for "History of rap" FOUR.

But I'm not complaining because it was so so so so rad and fun.

And after the taping we bid adieu to Rockefeller Center.

More NYC stuff from earlier in the day and later in the day and the next day are up next!

ol' jersey

We packed a bag and hit the road outta Pennsylvania for a couple days. I mean, the place we were staying was only a couple hours to NYC, so we had to swing by. To save money we stayed at a hotel in New Jersey right by the border.

We got there late in the evening and planned to get up early and take the train into the city.


And we're off... NYC pix comin your way soon.


1. the cuteness of Violet in her jammies
2. my big library of well-worn reread books
3. Violet's giggles & snuggles
4. Mike's constant photo-taking that documents everything
5. Mondays & Thursdays when my parents watch Violet for a chunk of the day so I can work, do errands, relaxxxx
6. purple eyeliner
7. green eyeliner
8. the love & attention Violet gets from all her grandparents
9. you people who look at my blog

10. musicccc (& that Violet starts dancing when she hears it)
11. robbers not breaking into my house and stealing my laptop
12. never getting leprosy
13. never getting smallpox
14. getting chicken pox when I was younger so I don't have to worry about getting it now
15. my karate instructors for teaching me how to kill someone with my bare hands
16. my hawt husband

***List not complete

autumn ride

xoxo, Violet + Mom + Dad


So at the thrilling Scranton Mall, you walk through the food court and out a side door and onto this bridge to walk over to the trains.

We had originally planned to take a four hour scenic train ride through the mountains that left from here, but the day it was offered was right after the snowstorm, so we stuck around the townhouse instead. We still wanted to stop by to check out the area though.

Don't mind me, just pretending I'm on a train ride.

I just barely made it out in time. But I HAD to get this photo.

There must be a reason why they had to post this sign... ?

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