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Well, it was time to reap the efforts of my gardening... Check out our bountiful harvest. It may be paltry, but I wanted to give it the royal treatment- kabob-ing on the grill. After all, this is all that was left after a few other peppers were sacrificed to feed some hungry, thieving animals.

No, not these animals, but they do look similarly mischievous, teamed up like that.

And why not make the most of hot charcoal by grilling a feast?

I sprinkle salt with abandon. Mike has never loved me more than in this moment.

I finally get to taste the first bite of red pepper...

Sweet satisfaction.

Instead of juicy steak, Mike favors chicken and grilled sweet potato chips.

Even Violet got to eat one of her new fav foods- watermelon.

I think I would try to grow peppers again. My main issue was not putting them in a sunny enough spot- for some reason I thought that area of my lawn was less shady than it is. Anywho, I will remember that for next year. For now, we've moved onto enjoying autumn and its harvests :)


c October 19, 2011 at 10:10 PM  

Zooey looks enormous in that picture!

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