Since I love this holiday, I'm going to extend it beyond today [side note: This may or may not be because I have a million photos]. So keep an eye out for more spooooooooky karen in color! But first I gotta deal with something....

Apparently there is a cow loose in my house.

Hmmm I guess cows can climb stairs now.

Getting closerrrr

Ahhhhh she slayed me with her greatest weapon- a chubby-cheeked grin!

I was kinda surprised that Violet giggled at first when she saw my face.

HAPPY HULSEWEEN! Obviously we have a family theme going: DISEASES. I am heart disease, the number one killer of Americans. Mike is the Black Death, the number one killer of people in the Middle Ages. And Violet is Mad Cow disease, the number one killer of people allergic to extremely cute things.

Stay tuned for more!


Tomorrow is one of my fav daysssss. I'll give you a hint... It involves dressing up and candy and DRESSING UP and fun and DRESSING UP CREEPYYY OH MAN i love it.

on the road

It's about time Mike and I got outta town...

we're doomed

I saw this coupon come in the mail with the other ads... Obviously my reaction was I HAVE TO GO.

So we headed into the dark abyss... to SALINE.

lolz GPS

We're ready to take on the monsters.

So we head in and experience the scary... the SPOOKY... THE DEADLY-


Luckily the rest of us survived. Sadly, Ciara was eaten by the haunted goat that day, so Brad had to settle for Krazy Hilda as a consolation prize.

mommy duties

Just adding to the collection! And when there's no time for makin cubes, a jar of baby food gets the job done just fine.


We're in quite the busy season these days. I'm trying to catch up.... There's so much cute Violet to be seen, after all.

things & stuff

Where was this last year on Halloween when I was pregnant? Via my bud Katie.

This is also adorbz.

This is also amazinz. IDEA SAVED FOR LATER.

I found a totally addictive website that lets you upload a photo and convert it into a stencil.

Speaking of music, I love when people design stuff like this. (I also love this song)

Speaking of art(s & crafts), I love when people make things just because they are pretty, even if they are impractical. Beauty for the sake of beauty is necessary in the world. And I'm defintely doing my part by creating this beautiful work of art:


4 years ago

Little did I know that I was walking toward the most amazing person in the world.

I am referring to Mike of course :)

The past four years have been wonderful. And let's not forget the greatest product of our marriage- besides our friendship and love together- this sweet thing:

Now I get to look forward to many more years with my lovely family.

my name is karen

and here you will find things that i make and see.

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