what a day

Sometimes the day starts off great. Despite my bad night of sleep, Violet is happy and giggly and behaves when I bring her to work with me... I manage to clean the living room AND kitchen... I get to watch a couple episodes of Twin Peaks while Violet actually naps in her crib (this is rare).

And then afternoon hits. Violet is uncharacteristically inconsolable and cranky for unknown reasons. I'm starving and exhausted but V screams when I set her down so I don't eat. The toilet breaks. And while grieving with friends who have experienced a tragedy, I find out more heartbreaking details about the situation.

Then it hits 6:30pm and Mike comes home from work. He feeds Violet dinner. He insists I nap. I wake up to find out that the two of them went to Home Depot to get parts to fix said toilet and it's finished. Then I walk in the living room and there is a beautiful bouquet of flowers for me along with hugs and kisses from my wonderful husband and sweet baby girl.

It doesn't make everything all better, but it's enough to get me through another tough day. I certainly have done nothing to earn or deserve this. God has just graciously blessed me with good gifts. I mean, just look at that photo again. Precious. :)


Meghan September 28, 2011 at 12:01 PM  

So precious.

Nichole September 28, 2011 at 6:49 PM  

aww... how wonderful! i love seeing posts of women bragging about their husbands.

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