boom boom pow

SONIC BOOMS SHOW AUG 2011. 'Twas rad.

happy miscellany

1. A Very She & Him Christmas pre-ordered on red vinyl

2. Cute graffiti

3. Cats inserted into Renaissance art

4. Paramore stage antics

5. Junk mail art

6. Pretty tattoos (kinda reminds me of something coming soon to a limb near you)

7. Hardcore cute jewelry

Things are just things, but some things can make me happy.

what a day

Sometimes the day starts off great. Despite my bad night of sleep, Violet is happy and giggly and behaves when I bring her to work with me... I manage to clean the living room AND kitchen... I get to watch a couple episodes of Twin Peaks while Violet actually naps in her crib (this is rare).

And then afternoon hits. Violet is uncharacteristically inconsolable and cranky for unknown reasons. I'm starving and exhausted but V screams when I set her down so I don't eat. The toilet breaks. And while grieving with friends who have experienced a tragedy, I find out more heartbreaking details about the situation.

Then it hits 6:30pm and Mike comes home from work. He feeds Violet dinner. He insists I nap. I wake up to find out that the two of them went to Home Depot to get parts to fix said toilet and it's finished. Then I walk in the living room and there is a beautiful bouquet of flowers for me along with hugs and kisses from my wonderful husband and sweet baby girl.

It doesn't make everything all better, but it's enough to get me through another tough day. I certainly have done nothing to earn or deserve this. God has just graciously blessed me with good gifts. I mean, just look at that photo again. Precious. :)

daddy date

Mike and Violet had something of an unplanned adventure when I took the wrong car to band practice one Saturday- leaving them with no way to safely transport Violet. Bus to the rescue!

After all, Violet was dying to go to a Magic the Gathering tournament downtown. Or to the stadium to watch the Michigan football game (Obviously she insisted on the sweatshirt).

And of course she had to stop in the new(ish) 7-Eleven on State St.

And of course she had to giggle and be cute and make a monkey face.

Then I tried to make up for my earlier mistake by driving downtown to pick em up. Fun Saturday afternoon adventure!

the doctor is in

If you know anyone who has a difficult time getting in touch with their emotions, just log in a little Dr. Mario time.

It's an intense experience for both players and spectators alike.

Even the most easy-going people are riled up by my "helpful" "commentary" on how they "play" the game... But come on... as the longstanding Dr. Mario champion I am just assuming the rights and privileges of the title. However some (most) request that I stay quiet. This is me "stifling" my feelings.

SO MANY DIFFERENT EMOTIONS. What will happennnnn?

One man's victory is another man's defeat.

PS: I dare anyone to come over and try to beat me at this game. If you win, I'll let you babysit Violet! What a prize!

hide & seek

Doopa doo just gonna go check on the sleeping baby-


Oh you sneaky little thing...

Based on a true story. Names have been changed.

playing favorites

My fav diner (Achilles!) with some of my fav people.

herbs & blooms & violet

The cloudy days can't keep us inside.

There are morning glories and Violet to photograph.

Violet picks some fresh parsley for Mommy's turkey chili soup.

If you grind it into the deck it really releases the flavors, I hear.


still sleepin

Oh how I wish I could join sweet Violet in the land of zzzz, but my nap plans have been thwarted again and again. Unfortunately, I'm feeling a bit under the weather and am rather overwhelmed with my general schedule right now. I miss putting more time into blog posts... but for now you will have to accept my meager offerings (still 100% cute though).


This is the life. Also, this is one really adorable baby.

high flyer

Daredevil Violet takes after Daddy I think... Mommy's not so much into things that drop you suddenly... like roller coasters... or bungee jumping... or being thrown in the air by someone 12 times your size.

birthday girl


Let me just say, blog readers, y'all don't even know how responsible this woman is for keeping me sane over the past 9 months of my baby's life. If it wasn't for all her help (which includes TONS of babysitting time, gallonssss of gas driving out here to pick up Violet, pretty much setting up a room for Violet at their house complete with toys/crib/EVERYthing she needs, etc etc ETC), I surely would be out of my mind right now. And out of a job.

Ok, I don't wanna rub it in for those of you with kids who live far away from family, but HOW DO YOU DO IT??? Seriously. No.... seriously. Violet's occasional sleepovers at Gommy & Poppy's house have been total lifesavers.

And can I just throw out there that she looks amazing for a woman in her 60's? I mean come on. I got some decent genes. Anywho, hope you have an awesome birthday, Mom!

karaoke dokie

Deep in a back alley in Detroit lies a little dive bar with wonderful karaoke (technically called "Terri-oke" after Terri who runs it).

So many options... Do I wanna sing "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" or the obscure Aerosmith B-side "I Didn't Want to Miss a Thing"?

You might wanna wear sunglasses cuz MY HAIR BE SO SHINY.

Some friendly celebrity advice.

Sometimes when you plan a duet, they don't have the song and then you cry a little on the inside.


Workin it out.

Amusingly enough, I usually end up with a random fan or two. Let's just say I'm a PRETTY BIIG DEAL in tiny townie karaoke bars.

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