with agusto

Oh hey... August.... Uh, what's up? Didn't see you there. Don't mind me... I'm just busy not making blog posts. To be honest, things are a bit foggy as of late. Not much sleep will do that to me. Anywho, Miss Violet keeps on growing and being cute, so I can't get too far behind.

Sometimes I sleep better when I have a snuggly friend with me.

There we go.

Brief pause while Violet and I take a cry break... Black and white will make a girl look extra moody, you know... Ok, I think we got that out of our systems for now.

Anywho, me 'n' my main squeeze have been doing a lot of hanging around town. You may have heard that she's a big girl now who does things like ride in the front of the cart.

And carry on philosophical conversations.

And of course, the cuteness persists.


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