shadow lurking

Mike and I had a nice treat recently. We wanted to go to the Shadow Art Fair in Ypsi, and it coincided with our friends Rachel and Becky offering to watch Violet so we could have a free afternoon together. And not only that...

Rachel let us borrow her sweet ride- Mustang convertible what whatttt

*Commence cruising*

Mike is excited to get all vroomy on the freeway.

Then we be chillin.

Anywho we finally got to where we were going. I feel like this photo explains itself pretty well. No need to state what is obviously going on here.

The art fair had lots of indie crafters. So many well dressed 20-somethings under one roof! Plaid clothing, plasticky glasses, and cute tattoos abounded. Uh, and that one lady.

There were lotsss to look at. I finally settled on a gift for Violet.

Meet Chomps, the adorable baby crocodile.

Yay for adventures! Thanks Rachel and Becky for letting us pretend we are carefree non-parents for an afternoon!


mclainester August 5, 2011 at 11:49 AM  

you guys are so cool ridin in that mustang. mike looks like he's in heaven. glad to have my favorite blog of all time back. :)

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